Eat Seasonally And Eat Locally.

Elusive, expensive strawberries and atrociously priced avocados anyone?

As you huff and puff about paying three dollars for one measly avocado- take a second to think about why it costs so much. As the seasons come and go and the weather changes, so too do fruits and vegetables.

Avoid buying your fresh produce from supermarkets if you can, as they operate on supply and demand. If you the consumer want to have citrus all year round, the supermarket will bring them in from overseas. Californian lemons, anyone?

Check out the labels above the fresh produce next time you’re in there. The high cost of importing those fruits and vegetables is passed on to you.

Beautiful, plump cherries blossom just as we get excited about the approaching summer. Do you dream about bowls of glistening red-baubled cherries with their pretty green stalks on the Christmas table?

As the leaves fall off the trees and the afternoons get chilly, how good is it to hurry home to hearty pumpkin soup and roast potatoes with rosemary, followed by hot rhubarb crumble and thick cream?

You’re more clever than you even realise. There is a reason that you crave light, cooling foods like fruit in summer and hearty satisfying meals in winter. The reason has to do with something called innate intelligence. Your body knows exactly what to do to keep you alive and functioning. It knows how to keep your heart beating, how to make sure you breathe, blink and digest your food. It knows all this because like all living things it possesses innate intelligence- similar to instinctive behaviour, innate intelligence is not learned. It is there from birth. Your body works best when it is given the right fuel/food at the right time, and it knows what you need to feed it even if you don’t. The two of you need to get acquainted. Brain, nervous system, body: I’d like to introduce you to you. If you can all listen to each other and work as a team, you’ll get along famously, and enjoy a fantastic life. I promise.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the fruit and vegies you buy are exorbitantly priced? It’s probably because the produce you’re buying is out of season. It may well have been sourced from another state, or even overseas. It’s great to be able to obtain out-of-season produce in the midst of winter, but chances are it will have been grown in simulated conditions and will be lacking in taste and nutritional value, or will have been imported. If your produce is imported from overseas- it will likely have either been picked green and allowed to ripen slightly in transit which means a lack of taste and nutritional value- or if it was picked ripe, it will have been frozen and thawed before sale, or placed in cool storage perhaps for months at a time. The moment something is plucked out of the ground, or off a stem it begins to lose vitality and life. Whilst an apple is on the tree, it possesses innate intelligence, and full nutritional value. If it sustains a scratch, the edges will pucker over, and the apple will heal itself. But as soon as it’s picked- it has no intelligence. When you cut it with a knife, it does not heal itself, it goes brown and decays. Food is best picked absolutely fresh and eaten as soon as possible. Eating seasonal foods ensures you have the freshest, most vital and nutritionally valuable produce. Eating local produce, means that there is the least amount of time for that food to be in transit from the orchard or vegie patch to your plate.

how do you know what’s seasonal and local?

Visit your closest farmers market. Whatever is for sale, will be in season and it will be local. Or grow your own produce. There is nothing quite so satisfying as picking fruit and vegetables you’ve tended yourself, and getting excited about just how good they taste when you use them within in hours of harvesting them. To find out what grows best where, and in which seasons.

Avoid buying your fresh produce from supermarkets, as they operate on supply and demand. If you, the consumer want to have citrus all year round, the supermarket will bring them in from overseas. Californian lemons, anyone? Check out the labels above the fresh produce next time you’re in there. Commercial food suppliers often buy in produce which is genetically modified. This presents a whole other rather unpleasant ball game!

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