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As many of you are aware the past 12 months have been an amazing journey for me. i have changed what my family and i are eating and we are feeling soooooo much better for it.

Basically, we had a pretty good diet but when i really examined it, i realised that although limited there were some processed foods creeping in… these came in the form of some wheat products and soymilk.i was suffering from allergy type symptoms and not sleeping as well as i could and just knew this was all due to a low-grade inflammatory response in my body. something had to give!!!

i bought a thermomix, (and no i don’t think or expect everyone to run out and buy one….they are worth their weight in gold, though) bought all our food in its natural form and got surfing the web.i have been absolutely delighted by what i have found! i love the classics like jamie oliver, ottolenghi, neil perry and stephanie alexander… but the world wide web is just an amazing place!

chef theresa cutter has some wonderful recipes for all year round. she makes healthy stuff look and taste awesome.oh my goodness me…..sarah britton is a genius….i love that she introduces each recipe with a blurb highlighting one of the key ingredients and educates her audience on why this is good for you!this is a thermomix based blog but heaps of great recipes that can be used as long as you have a good food processor.

a traditional food blog that explores the connection between culinary heritage, health and sustainable farming. yummy food too!jo is quirky and fun and although, again, this is a thermomix based blog, many recipes can easily be adapted. i love that she has fed her children homemade, healthy ice-cream for breakfast!

this is katy and she cooks. and she blogs. and it’s good stuff! Beautiful food that doesn’t cost the earth.another wonderful vegetarian based blog…earthsprout is all about playing with the veggie gifts of nature that have the power to make you live in your fullest potential.how to make bread in five minutes a day? the secret is homemade stored dough, mixed and refrigerated for up to two weeks! mix once, bake many….pure brilliance! gluten free also catered for.

food that makes us happy!

the most important thing is to have fun with the food you prepare and eat. there is nothing more satisfying than to see the people you love and care for tuck into a meal made from raw ingredients in your own home. cruise these websites, get inspired and get healthy!

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