What Is Wellness?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘wellness’? There is a barrage of terms and definitions that spring to mind, and each of you will have slightly different interpretations. Here are few:

being free from sickness or disease

feeling and looking good

finishing each day feeling content and happy

mentally, physically and spiritually sound

From a holistic and chiropractic point of view, we recognise wellness as ‘The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health, and the active process through which we become aware of, and make choices toward a healthy lifestyle.’

When was the last time in your life that you honestly felt energised, vibrant, active, alert and content – all at once?

This is what wellness feels like!

Wellness is a continually changing state – changing and evolving with us as we develop, age and adopt different lifestyle habits. “Wellness is a journey, not a destination” One’s perception of wellness changes throughout life.

Being aware of how good you feel when you are in a state of wellness is paramount in maintaining wellness. Many of us have a tendency to think in present time, and therefore to make corresponding decisions for the short term rather than considering long term results. Learning which healthy choices are best for you in the here and now, as well as for the long term is essential. We usually obtain the information to make these choices throughout life from experience, from health practitioners and all manner of other sources.

Your chiropractor is a wealth of knowledge, which is often untapped. Don’t hold back your questions! You’ll be surprised just how much information they can give.

what does wellness look like?

Next time you visit your chiropractic office, check out the people in there. Look at the chiropractic assistants and the doctors. Being regularly adjusted and adoptive of lifestyle choices akin to wellness principles, chiropractors and assistants alike are often in a state of wellness. Have a peek at the clients in reception; chances are, there will be a big range of age groups from babies to the elderly, and most will appear to be healthy and well. They may not appear to have any discomfort or symptoms whatsoever! You won’t notice the atmosphere that you might associate with a doctor’s office. There will be chatter, smiles and familiarity. Most of our clients at chiropractic4wellness will be attending for maintenance, or wellbeing adjustments.

Our clients know that living in a state of wellness is an ongoing process that requires upkeep even when they feel great. We know that stress can affect every aspect of health and wellness; digestion, immunity and organ function. Every function of your body is controlled and coordinated by your nervous system. By removing the interference that stress exerts onto the nervous system, we can help restore and maintain wellness.

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